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وزارة الاسكان والتعمير    الهيئة العامة للطرق والجسور    قسم الحاسب الالكتروني 
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Establishment of the state Corporation for  Roads & Bridges

     The State Corporation for Roads & Bridges has been established in accordance with the regulation of paragraph (1) of the article (6) of Ministry of Housing and Construction law numbered (62) on the year 1987 amended with the following regulation:

 Article I: State Corporation for Roads & Bridges (herein after referred to as SCRB) shall enjoy a judicial (personality), financial and administrative independence and complete aptitude. It has the of  contracting and possessing  to achieve the goals stated in para.(1) of article (5) of ministry of Housing and Construction amended law No.62 of the year 1987.


  Article 2: SCRB takes charge of the following missions:-

1-Supervision of designing public road projects of different types (includes expressways) situated outside   the borders of Baghdad mayoralty and municipalities, the supervision of bridges, intersections and tunnels design. It has the right to design some roads, bridges   and small intersections.

2- Supervision the execution of the projects mentioned in para.(1) above and following up the proceeding of the work..

3- Supervision of maintenance, furnishing and operating the above mentioned projects (para.1).

4-Execution of emergency maintenance (as needed) for roads & bridges.

5- Possessing lands for the above-mentioned projects (para.1) , protects their right of way and forbidding trespassing them.

6- Make feasibility studies for roads, bridges, tunnels, and interchanges projects.


Organization Chart of The State Corporation For Roads & Bridges